3D MEP Modelling

All elements of the drafting services design are constructed to scale from either 2D information provided by architects, consultants and suppliers or straight from 3D models provided by the relevant disciplines. All items modelled are a true representation of the actual entity in every detail. Items are drawn showing dimensionally correct scaled blocks and fittings. The model can be built up to simulate the actual construction process identifying and solving coordination and logistical site problems early, saving both time and money.

3D models can easily be used to produce 2D services coordination drawings, sections and elevations at any horizontal or vertical location and at any scale.

OurĀ 3D models are AutoDesk based and have been produced by our staff with one of the following software packages, depending on the application.





We also have the capability to produce accurate 3D architectural and structural models that we use in conjunction with our services models when either of these models is not available.

While producing the 3D models, full single environment coordination with structure and other services can be viewed via a rendered walkthrough solution called Navisworks. This can be saved and viewed via the program viewer while movie walkthroughs can be developed and viewed via Windows Media Player or similar, enabling anyone to review the coordinated model. The model can be rendered with suitable finishes to simulate various surfaces i.e. concrete, steel and wood. Colour painted finishes and lighting effects can be used to produce a photo realistic scale model of the project for use in presentations.

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